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Aspire Higher Enterprises, LLC

Aspire Higher Enterprises, LLC


About Us

Co-founded by Charles and Yvana Bailey, Aspire Higher Enterprises, LLC embodies the essence of ambition and transformative growth. We're not just about reaching new heights; we're about helping you find your driving purpose to excel in life, business, and sport.

Our commitment is creating genuine connections, evident in our powerful keynote speeches, tailored coaching, enriching workshops, and impactful conversations. Our voice resonates, from major league events to youth gatherings, always amplifying the call to Transcend Your Image® and perform at peak with Purpose Periodization®.

For businesses seeking invigorated teams and impactful growth, harness our expertise. Whether a corporate retreat, leadership workshop or an employee conference, we are equipped to make it an unforgettable experience. Dive deeper into our philosophy with our book, "The Flight of Your Life: The Power of Propulsion. Available everywhere books are sold.

Why settle? Contact Aspire Higher Enterprises. The sky is not your limit.™


Coach Yvana Bailey dropping gems of wisdom to fortune corporate executives, 501c(3) orgs and professional athletes at Athletes Voices ™ conference.
Coach Charles Bailey speaks encouraging leaders to see beyond current circumstances in his signature talk on "The Flight of Your Life."
Wake Up Woman ™ Six Week Intensive to Maximizing Confidence and Potential
Coach Charles Bailey emceeing for national panel of marketing leaders in business and sport.
Coach Charles and Yvana Bailey on National Cable Talk show on aired on Comcast.
Coach Charles and Yvana Bailey with Senior Vice President of Major League Soccer; speaking engagement commenced and crushed!
Coach Charles Bailey inspiring a hungry group of Major League Soccer ® athletes seeking a higher purpose above sport.