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Cubix, Inc

Cubix, Inc


About Us

Cubix, Inc is the Answer to All Your Floor Cleaning Needs!

Our comprehensive, dry-centered cleaning service takes care of your workspace by offering:

Carpet Care – milliCare’s proprietary dry carpet cleaning system is the most efficient way to remove dirt, extend the life of your carpet, and improve the air around you.

Textile Care – You know how important it is to clean your carpet regularly, but did you know that milliCare’s textile cleaning system will make your upholstered seating and panel fabrics look and feel better longer?

Spot Removal – milliCare’s proprietary process thoroughly removes almost any stain on your carpet or textiles and makes sure that it doesn’t reappear.

Fiber Protection – milliCare’s Fiber Protector combines two advanced surface guards to protect against soil and water-based spots while keeping stains from bonding to your carpet and textile fibers.

Air Care (Odor Neutralizer) – Not just a typical odor mask, milliCare’s Odor Neutralizer seeks out odors wherever they’re hiding and destroys them on a molecular level.

Entry Protection – Up to 80% of the dust, dirt, and grime in your building is tracked in from the outside. milliCare’s entry protection system is specially designed to trap and hold dirt before it reaches your carpet.


Fiber before and after 200X
Soiled vs Clean Fiber 50X
Carpet Before and After
Office Chair Before and After
Cubicle Panel Before and After
Hotel Tile Before and After