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Identity Ministries, Inc

Identity Ministries, Inc

Non-Profit Organizations

About Us

We believe it to be our mission to seek out the lost sheep among men. It is our calling to help them find hope and a sense of identity. We do that by housing them, helping them find employment, we fellowship together, pray together, and break bread together. Through our resources we wish for all men seeking redemption to come through our program and find a sense of identity and hope again.

Who we can and cannot help

We seek to help all men regardless of their sin or crime. We do not yet have the resources to help those who cannot work due to a physical impairment; and we cannot help those men that need psychiatric assistance. We will continue working and building relationships in hopes that one day we can help all men.

The Program

Our program is an all-inclusive Christian program that works on all facets of a man’s life. All men will be required to work with one of our employment partners for 30 days. After that, we will review each man’s performance. If approved, we will help find employment in an approved location that meets all the guidelines necessary to maintain good standing with the program, and any legal parties that may be involved.

Mandatory Bible Study will be held every morning at 6:00am sharp. Mandatory Church Service will be held on Sunday at 9:00am. Due to Covid restrictions, all men must wear a mask. Dress attire is jeans and a button up shirt. (These will be provided).

Visit our website for more details about the program.

Rep/Contact Info

Kalen Salmon