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Inter American University of Puerto Rico


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About Us

The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico is a private, higher education institution with deep Christian roots, not for profit.

At Inter, our mission is to provide postsecondary and higher education in the arts and sciences, through teaching, research and community service, within an ecumenical Christian context. We provide educational programs at the preschool, elementary and secondary levels.

We contribute to society, educating people who come from the various socioeconomic sectors, inside and outside of Puerto Rico. We incorporate in our offers and services, innovative study modalities supported by information technology and telecommunications.

At the University, we aspire that our graduates are responsible citizens, educated, with democratic and Christian values, aware of their social and environmental obligation, so that they can perform competently and exercise leadership in the occupational or professional context.

We seek to maximize the educational potential of students in an environment free of discrimination, in compliance with the law, regulations and accreditation standards, in harmony with the pursuit of academic excellence, critical thinking, scientific knowledge, sensitivity to the arts, ethical responsibility and social coexistence skills.

We are a high quality higher education institution, in search of academic excellence, with emphasis on the formation of people with democratic and ethical values, framed in an ecumenical Christian context.


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