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International Diamond Center

International Diamond Center


About Us

As a wholesale jeweler, we’ve adopted a direct-to-customer sales strategy that eliminates the costs associated with working through a middleman, so we can offer incredible deals on our diamonds and jewelry.

In addition, we maintain an inviting and friendly atmosphere for our customers. While another jeweler might pressure you into buying something right away, your experience at International Diamond Center will never feel stressful or overwhelming. Our sales associates are always happy to assist you, but they will never push you toward a purchase. Rather, our staff will educate you on the intricacies of choosing the perfect diamond, designer setting, or other piece of fine jewelry and let you make an educated decision about your pending purchase.

We take our role as a trusted jeweler seriously, and as such, we are proud to share that all of our sales associates are certified diamontologists. Many of our employees also hold other certifications in gemology and specific diamond training, so you can rely on us to guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond for a stunning engagement rings, anniversary piece, or a special item for your own jewelry collection.

To learn more about what makes International Diamond Center the premier jeweler for the Tampa, Clearwater, Altamonte Springs, and Savannah areas, contact us today.

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Jewelry Sales Associate
Category: Retail/Wholesale
All our Sales Associates are Certified Diamontologists, trained by the Diamond Council of America and most of them carry other credentials in gemology and specific diamond training earned through courses offered by well recognized educational associations.Knowing that buying a diamond can be confusing, our Sales Associates take the time to explain to customers what makes one diamond worth more more
Contact: Carleen M. Norris
Phone:(407) 770-5991
Fax:(407) 275-3169