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About Us

Whether in a healthcare facility, nursing home, or high-end hospitality establishment, everyone deserves clean, safe and comfortable linen. JENSEN’s portfolio of laundry technology meets a wide range of laundry sizes and automation levels and always delivers end-user satisfaction. In addition to being the largest brand in industrial laundry, JENSEN also tailors to on-premise laundries with standalone laundry equipment. Whether your business needs freshly pressed bed sheets, soft pool towels, gentle patient gowns, or clean employee uniforms, JENSEN laundry equipment can guarantee your reliable operational security.

Advantages of JENSEN Equipment

Energy Efficiency:
JENSEN’s commercial laundry equipment is renowned for its excellent energy efficiency. In addition to a better ecological footprint for your establishment, you also save on consumption costs.

Finishing quality:
When it comes to finishing quality, more four- and five-star hotel occupants around the world enjoy linen processed on JENSEN ironers than any other brand. End-customers enjoy linen washed on JENSEN equipment thanks to the high-quality finishing results and excellent reliability of JENSEN standalone machines.

Solutions designed for ROI:
Reliable high-quality on-premise laundry solutions that save money – now that’s a great choice!

Clean and safe:
Protecting the health and piece of mind of your clientele by ensuring linen is properly disinfected and free of stains.

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  • Washers: high performance, extremely durable washer extractors, starting at 53 pounds.
  • Dryers: energy-saving heavy-duty tumble dryers, starting at 60 pounds.
  • Ironers: high quality high efficiency flexible chest ironers as well as compact roll-heated solutions.
  • Towel Folders: drastically improve operator efficiency and capacity; achieve the highest folding quality.
  • Industrial solutions: washroom, finishing and garment solutions for even the largest laundries.