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Julie Noonan Consulting, LLC

Julie Noonan Consulting, LLC

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About Us

Julie Noonan Consulting, LLC is a boutique change management consulting and coaching firm focused on enabling organizations to “ride the waves of change”. The seas of business are churning. Constant minuscule adjustments are necessary to stay the course. Organizations no longer have the luxury of “business as usual” – constant change IS business as usual!

We create teams of “just-in-time” independent consultants who are experienced change, communications and training professionals, all of whom have successfully delivered change programs covering everything from local office moves to global ERP implementations to merger/acquisition restructures with difficult cultural resets.

Founder Julie Noonan began the business in 2018, dipping her toe into entrepreneurship and completing several projects for referral clients. Then, after an 18-month stint back in a consulting firm ended due to COVID, reopened the business in July, 2020. The business has been profitable ever since and is poised to double its revenue in 2022.

In full partnership with our clients we create the right solutions addressing real problems and opportunities in the shortest amount of time.


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