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Sun Power Solar by Sun N Us

Sun Power Solar by Sun N Us

About Us

Making an impact in people’s lives is the heart and soul of SunPower by Sun N Us. Our focus is to educate all people from all walks of life on how solar can save our world from detrimental non-renewable hazards. We are fighting for our world and for every person who inhabits it. As our planet continues to fight to survive, all people no matter how diverse can become a Superhero. Superhero’s can be defined by their ability to save our planet. At SunPower by Sun N Us, whether you are presenting a renewable product or purchasing a renewable product, you are saving the world and can now consider yourself a Superhero!

We partner with the largest solar providers in the US and world, SunPower
Our partners are the largest in the nation installing in over 47 states and growing!
SunPower is powering over 7.5 million homes per year
Includes a 25 year system warranty and up to a 10 year roof guarantee
With so many installs, you know your installation will be problem free

Lots of Affordable Options
Lease with no upfront cost for install or equipment. Just pay a discounted rate to SunPower instead of your utility for your energy created by the Sun.
0% 20 year loan option (discounts for state and federal incentives)
Cash (discounts for cash purchase, state and federal incentives)

SunPower by Sun N Us Values are Differences
We give you local “solar certified” consultants - We work where we live!
We proved advanced solar expertise and an additional layer of customer service that is unprecedented in the industry.
Old fashioned American customer service.

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