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The Community Life Improvement Center, Inc.

The Community Life Improvement Center, Inc.

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About Us

The Community Life Improvement Center (CLIC) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that aims to meet the basic, psychological and self-fulfillment needs of any combination of low-income persons, ethnic minorities, women and youth; based on Maslow’s Hierarchy model. Our service equips these groups to be catalysts of positive change in local communities and the world. CLIC does this through life skills workshops, online courses, fundraising projects, and content creation to improve culture. Currently, CLIC has 4 active programs and we continue to evolve in response to the needs of underserved communities everywhere.

CLIC's 4 programs are listed here in the order that they were established:
1. The CLIC for Girls (innovative mentoring for teen girls),
2. Lady Live (strategic planning for women's empowerment),
3. The CLIC House (rehabilitating distressed properties in low-income opportunity zones to aid the affordable housing crisis and create community enrichment centers.) and
4. CLIC Culture (creative and dynamic community service).


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